We believe in Team Work

About Us 

FAIRFAX CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC is an International Investment banking firm, focused on advising private businesses and entrepreneurs how to bring their ideas to reality. We help our clients with locating financing sources, research, trading and sales, asset acquisition, asset sales, merges, joint ventures and more. 

Our expertise in the Central and South America market allow us to consult in a wide range of industries as RENEWABLE ENERGIES, AGRICULTURE, MINING, INFRASTRUCTURE, OIL & GAS, ETC.

Our team

Our team is composed of entrepreneurs with a long history of structuring and developing business, in different areas and countries. Our President Robert P Hostler is a successful entrepreneur in the HEALTH SERVICE BUSINESS in FLORIDA and broad experience in the Investment Banking industry. Patricio Ricaurte our Executive Vice President, has long experience in developing business, brands and markets, establishing fruitful relationships and taking our projects one step at the time to achieve the set goal.  Across the region we have strategic alliances with prominent leaders and professionals with an outstanding track record.

One thing is certain, in our team experience is our biggest asset.