All industries can be SustainAble



South America been in the developing stage of Renewable Energies presents a major opportunity for Private Investors, environment related funds, project developers, product manufacturers. Brazil is a leading country in bringing down the use of fossil fuels, developing alternate fuels and using all renewable energy sources available. Argentina has been classify as one of the tenth best countries for Renewable Energy development, with Colombia also coming strong especially in Solar Energy.


"The year 2018 will bring fundamental changes to the Latin American political and economic landscape. As a result, natural resources companies need to adapt their strategy to a changing reality on the ground. Unpredictable elections in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia will impact a continent otherwise offering a much-improved investment environment in 2017."

South America presents great mining projects for ferrous and non ferrous products, as well as the need for refining mills and new technology.


South America has been undergoing a major change and investment in its infrastructure, not all countries at the sane pace, with examples to follow as to Ecuador for its great investment in Roads, hospitals, schools, etc., in the past 10 years. Colombia starting to develop 4G highways through Public Private alliances, Bolivia with World Bank financing growing the much needed road infrastructure and other sectors as well. Still after all countries have done is share, the need for investment in this area is still a great opportunity for contractors and investors.


With a share of 19.9% of global proven oil reserves and 4.4% of those of natural gas as of the end of 2017, the Latin America and the Caribbean region is among the prominent players in the hydrocarbon industry. The region is also likely to hold significant potential in non-conventional reserves and offshore areas, which in most of the cases remain under-explored. Latin America’s Oil & Gas Market 2018-2019 & 2022 -